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Associate Creative Director (Art)

With over 18+ years of rich experience in Digital Media, Social Media, Motion Graphics, Mainline Advertising
and Integrated Communications, I have worked across industries like Finance, Real Estate, Hospitality, Insurance, and Lifestyle. I have been serving 4AM Worldwide for the last 1 and half year and am currently designated
as Associate Creative Director-Art. 

I’ve always been very passionate about creativity. I strive to make my creative work stand out by communicating in a visually arresting and effective manner. I like the traditional approach of scribbling my thoughts, Ideas and use improvisation to filter out the best ones.

I personally believe the future of communication, marketing and behaviour shall be routed through conversations, visuals and emotions. To keep consumers engaged we have not just show them what they have not seen but also engaged them for a longer time through information they would like to archive. 

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