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"Looking for sexy ideas"

To build brand awareness for RB at leading MBA colleges across India and make it a preferred choice of recruiter. To differentiate and come out on top of all other case study challenges being held by various big companies.


Create a big bang campaign which attracts the young, modern MBA student to participate and get a chance to become a ‘Maverick.


The brand of choice was Durex and the challenge for the participants was the get the young Indian lover to talk about sex in the open and in turn promote Durex.  Open to all MBA colleges, the big giveaway was a sponsorship of their MBA degree (anywhere between 5-15 INR). The challenge was launched online through a microsite and entries were accepted in the form of a presentation or a video. Post which the top 20 students were selected to be a part of a Bootcamp where they had to go through rigorous outdoor challenges along with participating in various individual and team building activities. This was lead by an industry leader Michael Mitra from STEP Consulting. The participants were then evaluated based on their performance at the Bootcamp and were interviews by key RB leaders for the final shortlist. The Top 6 students then got a chance to present their final ideas to a grand jury at the Grand Finale
and the subsequent winner was declared. 

Integrated Campaign for RB mavericks-Durex casestudy challenge
(Google display banners and social media platform)
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